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January 2024 - The Gateway Pundit: Revealed: Thousands of Schools at Risk of Closing Due to Massive Drop in Enrollment.


October 2023 - San Francisco Chronicle: Revealed: 2 Bay Area Catholic firebrands wrote a letter condemning ‘gender ideology.’ It drew little notice.

September 2023 - San Francisco Chronicle: Revealed: Bay Area School Districts' Sexual Abuse Legal Cases. Several lawsuits have been filed pertaining to sexual abuse which occurred within schools in the bay area, a number of them here in Santa Clara County.

August 2023 - CA Office of Attorney General: Released: Attorney General Bonta Comes Down Against Parental Right to Information. California's AG Bonta has no interest in protecting a parent's right to know what is going on with their child vis-a-vis gender dysphoria.

August 2023 - East Bay Times: Released: Moms for Liberty Takes a Stand Against School District LGBTQ+ Policies. During a school board meeting public comment period, Marlane Huttaker rose to say "It may be too late for California, but many of the people here have come to do their best to support parents and children who do not want to go down this road of insanity." She expressed concern about board policies "supporting critical race theory, radical gender theory, removing parental controls, and dumbing down our grading system".

July 2023 - ProPublica: Investigation: How School Board Meetings Became Flashpoints for Anger and Chaos Across the Country. School boards are where issues in the education system must be addressed. Groups that support parental rights understand that, and are now addressing issues at those meetings.

February 2023 - Daily Post: Violation: California's Math Placement Act. A judge has found that the Palo Alto Unified School District is violating the state's Math Placement Act, effectively holding students back from taking more advanced classes.

January 2023 - Daily Caller: 'No Safeguards': Parents Rally Against California High School That Hosted Lecture On Raising Transgender Kids

January 2023 - Exposed: MASSIVE Grooming Scandal In Public School, HUNDREDS Of Kids Abused by Teachers. Report confirms grooming is happening and children are being systematically abused. James Lindsay explains the issues around woke gender ideology and a new report corroborates many of the claims. Many of the stories posted by LibsOfTikTok and others seem to back up the report in shocking detail.

January 2023 - Libs of TikTok: Revealed: California school district facilitating gender transitions on children without parental consent. Documents obtained through a recent FOIA request reveal that a California school district partnered with a healthcare facility to provide children with gender transition hormones and surgeries without parental consent. The school district, DJUSD and CommuniCare are providing these services under the guise of a "mental health program" for K-12 students. According to CommuniCare's website, they offer cross-sex hormone medications like testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone, letters for medical clearance to undergo transition surgeries, and assistance with legal name and gender documents.

January 2023 - For Kids & Country: The Sandstorm: The Education Battlefield

January 2023 - Breitbart: California School Board Bans Critical Race Theory Right After Being Sworn In


December 2022 - New York Post: 'California school official resigns after inviting teens to 'adult party'

November 2022 - Newsweek: Moms for Liberty Ride Wave of "Anti-Wokeness" to School Board Victories

November 2022 (National) - Washington Examiner: 'Most dangerous person in the world': Pompeo bashes head of teachers union

November 2022 - First tabling of the Moms for Liberty Santa Clara chapter at Liberty Forum...

Table at Liberty Forum

November 2022 (National) - Post election coverage:

October 2022 - On October 29th Campbell library hosts Drag Queen Story Time. We need to be able to offer alternatives to this sickness.

October 2022 (National) - On October 24th NBC News released a featured story, saying "Liberal parents are joining the school culture wars - but conservatives are way ahead." With considerable concern, NBC warns the nation that the conservatives are taking over and that so-called "progressives" need to get in the game. "Multiple progressive groups are campaigning for school board candidates and training parents to become activists, but conservatives have a head start," they say. The call to action was given, of course, under the guise of "news."

October 2022 (National) - Florida continues to lead the way, showing other states how to deal with activist teachers.

October 1 2022 - The Santa Clara Chapter of Moms for Liberty comes online.

September 2022 (National) - CBS Saturday Morning claims Moms for Liberty is "banning" books. Not true. We provide information about books parents should be aware of. It is not up to us to say what books should or should not be read by kids. That is up to parents. Watch the video.

September 2022 (National) - Steve Bannon and Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice discuss reading and math scores plummeting to a 30 year low. Watch the video.

August 2022 (National) - The Political Insider interviews Moms for Liberty co-founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice about the impact Moms is having on public education. Watch the video.

August 2022 (National) - A book in a Tampa middle school library is found to promote a gay lifestyle, complete with Instructions on anal sex and the use of "hookup" apps. Read the article.

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