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When Anti-Bullying Is Used To Bully

Special thanks to local resident Elisabeth for pointing this out.

A new program has begun showing up in Catholic schools here in the south bay, and once again it appears not to be as altruistic and well-meaning as it is portrayed to be.

The program goes by the name "No Bullying". Who could be against stopping bullying in our schools?

If only it were that simple.

You see, while the organization pushing this idea is, it appears that bullying is more than acceptable when directed towards people who hold traditional conservative family views. One might think, based on the name of the organization, that what's being advocated is a simple program to teach children that bullying their peers is unacceptable. That would be a good thing. But dig a little deeper into the curriculum being set by this group and you find that the organization is clearly inserting left leaning ideology into the education system, making use of SEL and "Reformative Justice" practices in our K-8 classrooms, thereby targeting students at their most vulnerable stage of development (the ages of 5 to 13). The program actually makes use of children as a means of pressuring and policing their peers, their classmates. It organizes people into two stereotypical groups, labeling these groups (and the people accused of being in them) with the broad brush identifiers "victim" or "bully".

Students who do not comply with the program run the risk of being removed from the school altogether.

Watch as No Bully Executive Director Nicholas Carlisle explains the use of reformative justice and peer pressure to force the acceptance of certain sexual behaviors.

No Bully graphic

The above image was posted on the Twitter page of No Bully senior trainer Kathy Grey. It is meant to highlight her success at shifting the thinking of high school students. She is especially proud that she was able to get students to tag other students as being "bully prone", based on their race, political affiliation, gender, sex, religious practices and nationality. Characteristics, by the way, which have nothing to do with whether or not someone is a bully or is being bullied.

No Bully's program training materials place a heavy focus on race, sex, and gender bullying. The curriculum they encourage teachers to use is taken from a series of white papers, videos and other similarly problematic programs from organizations like the now infamous Southern Poverty Law Center. Let's be clear: No Bully trainers are left-leaning activists that are targeting America's youngsters. One featured trainer is known to be a co-owner / board member of PFLAG.

The No Bully program requires schools to develop a "new social vision", requiring use of class time and teacher efforts to hold "Peace Summits" to further push the agendas laid out in white papers and program documents selected primarily by the school's principal.

Find below a few of the images that were recently posted by No Bully on their Facebook and Instagram pages. When questions were raised about these images, they were quickly and quitely taken down. Thankfully, one of our Moms for Liberty members saved them prior to them being taken down. This is what we are up against...

No Bully image 1 No Bully image 2 No Bully image 3 No Bully image 4 No Bully image 5 No Bully image 6 No Bully image 7 No Bully image 8 No Bully image 9 No Bully image 10 No Bully image 11 No Bully image 12 No Bully image 13