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Madison Meetups

Madison MeetupOne of the most important things being addressed by Moms for Liberty? Reminding folks about the principles and liberties on which this nation was founded, and the extraordinary nature of the mechanisms that have been put in place to protect those liberties. To that end, for our Republic to survive and thrive, we must understand our foundational documents. This is where the idea behind the Madison Meetup comes into play.

Remember that our republic is only made strong through the engagement of its citizens.

What is a Madison Meetup?

Think of it like a book club which focuses on just two documents: the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Madison quote

Madison Meetups provide people the opportunity to gather together to discuss liberty, freedom, the foundations of our government and our system of governance. Named after the 'Father of the Constitution' James Madison (who was also a major force behind the Bill of Rights), these informal meetings provide the opportunity to read and discuss key concepts embedded within the Declaration of Independence, the Federal and State Constitution, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, and more.

This is not a highly structured talk. It is Americans gathering together for an informal discussion about what makes our Republic special. Participants are not expected to know every historical detail or the nuances of the Founder's thinking. That is not required to appreciate the genius of what the Founders created, or to recognize the precious gift that is the Republic we know of as the United States of America.

What do Santa Clara Chapter Madison Meetups look like?

First, understand that meeting hosts are discussion facilitators, not instructors.

Meeting time

Chapter members are emailed an invitation to the meetup a week in advance. The invitation contains three important pieces of information:

  1. The date, time, and place that the meetup is being held. (The day and time will normally be the same, but will still be included in the email). Meetings will take place in person, usually in a public library setting. The venue may change, so attendees should pay attention to sent notices
  2. A one line discussion topic. Usually no more than half a dozen words, this will provide the over arching theme for the discussion. The host will make every effort to keep the discussion on topic.
  3. One to three leading questions. These are meant to help focus thinking and allow people to consider ahead of time things they might want to bring up during the discussion.

That's it. The rest happens organically. We never know who will show up or what twists and turns the discussion will take. It really is up to those attending.

Join in the fun and learning...

To be placed on the meetup notifications list, please send an email to with the subject "Join".