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Male and female

Genesis 1:26-27 (NIV)

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Gender: Removing Truth from the Equation

Despite what some would have us believe, the push towards gender confusion is more than an attack on society's children. An attack on our school age kids would be bad enough, but this goes deeper than that. It is an attack on Christian teaching, an attack on the family structure, an attack on societal foundations, and yes, an attack on the belief in absolute truth. This tears at the very core of our physical and spiritual being, of who we were created to be and who we actually are.

Understand that no matter what you might be feeling, the XX or XY chromosomes coursing through your body cannot be changed. A doctor can remove or add body parts, but that doctor cannot change someone's chromosomes. Bottom line: a man is a man, and a woman is a woman; any other thinking is delusional.

Read why California's Equality Act is harmful to children and how LGBTQ activism is using the public school system to indoctrinate the next generation. Read also some answers gleaned from a workshop for parents of trans / non-binary youth.

Comments are now beginning to pour in from concerned parents:

Parents Guide to Radical Gender Theory

Why are we allowing a small group of individuals to determine what our children are to be taught in school? LGBTQ is a small percentage of our population yet they now control the narrative on education. The California Education code 51513 states very clearly that over-sexualization and gender studies being forced on our children is in violation of the Ed Code. Parents have to wake up and take control back! The schools are being educated in how to minimize parental input and how to adopt methods to eliminate parents ability to opt out simply by injecting these studies into core subjects.

Straight pride

We have heard the horror stories about politicians who are pedophiles and participate in groups that pay for sexually deviant acts. It's no wonder they are passing bills that allow children to be over sexualized and encourage them to question their gender. They are simply creating a pool of future victims they can indoctrinate into their disgusting life style. Wake up parents! Speak up at your Board meetings. Write letters! And most important, ask your children every day what they learned in school. You may be shocked by their answers!

Why Youngsters Are Becoming Confused

Is it any wonder that elementary school kids seeking the approval of their teachers are becoming completely confused by what they are being taught? And lest parents think otherwise, children are being targeted by those pushing this thinking.

It's important to speak with little ones. Be sure to ask questions about how they feel about stories or activities they're doing in school. Invite them to explain what they think about things. Affirm and encourage their natural feelings about God's truth regarding differences between boys and girls. Encourage home coloring activities that allow for the drawing of new pictures, or adjustments to pictures that were done at school, making changes according to the way your child thinks would be natural for the characters. Remember what children are having to deal with at school.

One of the most controversial issues of our time, an issue that would have been inconceivable a few short years ago, is that of children (CHILDREN) being allowed to make life altering decisions about their bodies. Decisions which have a cruel permanance to them. Decisions whose implications cannot be understood by the young people making them.

Scott Newgent speech

Scott Newgent, the founder of TREVoices (Trans Rational Educational Voices), is leading the way in speaking truth, looking to offer care to anyone who is transgender, who believes they may be transgender, or has otherwise been affected by transgenderism. Scott -- formerly Kellie King, a mother of three -- is presenting the case for people who believe it important to stand up for parents, giving them the tools to confidently express to medical practitioners that "no, my child will not be transitioned to a different gender during their childhood." Yes, his message is making a difference. He is getting people from every walk of life to join hands and proclaim collectively: "For this, we stand together: medical transitioning is no place for a child." Scott states straight up that medical transitioning of children is not about human rights, but about money. Gender affirming "care" will generate billions of dollars. "No one is born in the wrong body. That's hogwash."

So let's be clear: it's not at all unusual for kids to be uncomfortable in their own skins. Some of us may be too old to remember, but one of the most difficult things about being a kid is having to live through the transitional stages that get us to adulthood. Adults should be working to make the experience easier, not more difficult. Adults should be offering clarity, not additional confusion. Adults should be of one mind on this, not treating kids like social/political ping pong balls.

Is it any wonder that kids are confused? Their lives are under fire. It is up to us to put a stop to this. Lest you think the issue is being overblown, just look at what little ones are now exposed to at school.

First there was the Genderbread Person.

Genderbread person
Monica Cline talks on the targeting of children

Children are being targeted and groomed for sexual activity by "sex educators", "comprehensive sexuality ed" pushed by Planned Parenthood and the LGBT movement, explains former sex educator now whistleblower Monica Cline. Listen to her warning about what's happening.

Jamie Reed blows sthe whistle on pediatric gender care

On February 9 2023, The Free Press published Jamie Reed's firsthand account of her experience working as a case manager at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Reed is the first whistleblower from inside an American pediatric gender clinic to speak out publicly.

Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer identified as a transgender woman for eight years. He now works to help others who regret the choice they made changing gender. Walt understands that these decisions can all be traced back to childhood trauma. Walt travels extensively to share his story of redemption at conferences, churches and universities. Learn more at Walt Heyer Ministries.

Then came the Gender Unicorn.

Gender unicorn
Mr. Rogers' warning

Yes, it's absurd. But we have to start taking this lunacy seriously if we are to protect the most vulnerable among us, namely our young children.