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We are the Moms for Liberty Santa Clara County, California chapter. We are dedicated to securing and protecting the rights of parents and students, seeing to it that our school boards pay attention to the views of parents, and educating members about our extaordinary founding documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Candidates Who Care

California candidates are stepping up in support of parental rights, and the Santa Clara chapter of Moms for Liberty is appreciative of their support.

Candidates supporting parental rights

We continue to seek out candidates who are trustworthy and who have voiced their support of parental rights and the protection of children. One clear way they have done this is by signing our Parent Pledge for Candidates and Elected Officials. And just a reminder: party affiliation remains a non factor.

If you are a candidate who would like to take a stand for parental rights, please download, fill out, sign, and email back the pledge. Then watch our parental supporters page for your new entry. We appreciate being able to add you to the ranks of parental rights advocates!

Talks and Slides...
Event calendar

View the pdf from our library talk on the queering of education.

Dr Morse on the sexual revolutionBe sure to watch as Dr Jennifer Morse lays out exactly why things are the way they are in our schools today. Learn about the three broad ideologies within the sexual revolution: the contraceptive ideology, the divorce ideology, and the gender ideology.

For more on Dr Morse's teaching, visit the Ruth Institute.

Seeking School Board Candidates!

Are you interested in running for school board? Want to work to protect the rights of parents, ensure the proper education of children, and maintain truth in the face of an onslaught of craziness? In short, are you ready to get into the fray? If yes, we stand ready to help!

Moms for Liberty has great resources available for our school board candidate warriors. We know what you're up against here in Santa Clara County, and we want to do what we can to support your candidacy and help you run a successful campaign, so we have three specific items to offer.

School board candidate resouces
  1. The Candidate Handbook, which provides valuable information about campaign cycles, organizaing your campaign team, knowing your numbers, getting out the vote, fundraising, contacting voters, honing your message, and more!
  2. The Campaign Workbook, which helps with fundraising, canvassing, setting vote goals, crafting budgets, formulating platforms, creating talking points, tracking volunteer activities, maintaining timelines, and more!
  3. The Collateral Collection, which contains templates to help with creating campaign logos, yard signs, palm cards, mailers, postcards, and more!

Train a child

It is time. Please join with us. Remember, we are stronger together!

Chapter Leadership


Help us spread the word!

Our half page flier is available for downloading / printing. (The first set below are the half page jpeg images, the second set is the full page pdf, with two fliers per page).

Feel free to use them as you see fit, either as a single or double sided handout or in emails.

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